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Inexpensive Easy Backsplash for Bathroom and Kitchen Wall

Sunday, April 13th 2014. | Bathroom, Kitchen

Decorate the bathroom and kitchen wall with inexpensive easy back splash. If you have repainted the wall with a new color and do not want to find it dirty in short run, install water resistant material such as tile. Tile is very popular among the people who want to create a fantastic option for the bathroom and kitchen wall. It is usually is installed to bring a new look on the backsplash. Begin the new creation on the kitchen wall.


The area behind the stove and sink is filled with a lot of heat and moisture. You do not need to ruin the wall. So, you need to secure the area by using inexpensive easy back splash. You can go with vinyl material if your money in the pocket is very limited. Vinyl material probably is not the best option for luxury kitchen, but it is affordable and durable. You can pick the vinyl which can replace the texture of stone or marble. If your kitchen cabinet is made in coffee brown, you can choose the tile back splash in sunny yellow. It can bring complementary design on the kitchen backlash.



Let’s move to the decoration inside the bathroom wall. You can evoke the aquatic design on the bathroom by using the vinyl tile in blue shade. You can have it made with some murals on the wall. You just have to shop the tile mural which has aquatic animal images such as dolphin, Mermaid, or fish. If you want to create complicated pattern on the bathroom, use mosaic tile to create the aquatic pattern on the wall. If the pattern on the wall is very busy, you can keep the floor in simple tile. It means that you just have to decorate the floor with plain colored tile. You can go with white or pale blue inexpensive easy back splash.




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