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Italian Classic Home Design Ideas

Saturday, April 13th 2013. | House Design

One of the best classic home design ideas that you can have at home is Italian home design. Living in Italy is always a big dream for some people who want to enjoy the warm feeling. You can get the inspiration from the look of Tuscany villa with café style on the street.

The architectural design for the Italian home is ornate and warm. You can make it look relaxing if the style is infused with Mediterranean house design. You need to maximize the flattering style in the room by having big windows, natural light and nice niches. The Italian house design has similarities with modern house.

One of them is related on the open space. It can make your small house look bigger. The exterior and interior should be incorporated so that you can enjoy the balcony or porch when you want to perceive breezy air. You can remodel the architectural design in classic home design ideas by having glass wall, interesting columns and floating roof. There are many types of natural material that you can set on the room. When you like to adorn the kitchen, you can have the countertop made from ceramic tile, granite or marble.


The floor looks authentic by using terracotta tile. It can be made in sunset yellow, rust or orange color. If you want to have formal furniture in the Italian living room, you can upholster sofa and chair in leather accent. The backsplash for your kitchen should come in intricate pattern. You can have the mural painting on the backsplash depicting the look of flower, vines or columns. They can be made in colorful accents like lime green, rust, coffee brown, beige, red, pink, blue or sunset yellow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors in classic home design ideas.

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