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Laundry Design Ideas 2014 Ideas

Wednesday, August 27th 2014. | Laundry

It seems in this 2014 all of the home design will go with green and friendly design where it will give the home more breathes and airy and natural look by some ideas of the accents. The same ideas will be also applied for laundry design ideas 2014. The laundry room design ideas in this year will have some touches that will bring the laundry looks more modern, stylish and natural. Sure, all of the ideas will also let the laundry room breathes well because of the smart ideas below.


First, in the laundry design ideas 2014, the laundry room decor will be installed with better ventilation for the air to come and go. This is an important one to keep the air still fresh and looks airy. So the smell of the laundry room will go in friendly environmentally design. A health laundry will be installed with enough ventilation that is installed in the right place so it will add the beauty design and accent.


Second idea in laundry design ideas 2014, you will have a large space for the windows so the sunlight can enter though the windows to the laundry. When the sunlight enters the laundry it will look dramatic and beautiful. The sunlight will also make the laundry warmer. This is good for the health of the laundry so it will not have a problem with wetness. As you know, laundry will be close to the wetness problem.


The last is about adding the natural feeling in laundry design ideas 2014. It is indoor flower or plants that can filter the atmosphere and the air in the laundry. Since the sunlight can enter well then the health of the plants and flower will be guaranteed. It will be more when the blossom season of the flower is coming. It will bring the laundry appearance more dramatic and romantic.


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