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Living Room Design 2013 with the Best Arrangement

Friday, October 18th 2013. | Living Room

You can maximize the small space in the living room design 2013 if you can arrange the furniture perfectly. Many people make many mistakes when they have to decorate the small living room with new furniture pieces.

You can make the small room look open and large with the right treatment regarding the color, layout and furniture design. The color in the living room should look harmonious for it can make the space engaging and fantastic. The furniture layout should be determined before you purchase new furniture pieces at home.

Now think about the focal point in living room design 2013. You can make the room look fantastic by setting a stylish table in white or black lacquer color in the middle of the room. Then you can set some important furniture pieces such as a big coffee table, two sets of sofa and some individual chairs. An area rug is very important to set here. If you want to enjoy cozy flooring treatment, the wooden floor is great to have. You can set a Persian area rug if you want to enjoy luxury feeling in the living room. You can choose u shaped layout to decorate the living room.

If your living room is so big, it is better for you to have a natural divider to separate some zones here. A folding screen in floral pattern is great to separate the dining room and living room if the layout comes in open floor design. The accessories in the living room which include curtain, vases of flower, area rug, curtain and folding screen can be in a good harmony. You can have them in similar colors. Many people choose the bold colors of red, black, navy blue, lime green or even purple when they want to decorate the accessories in the living room design 2013.

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