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Living Room Design with Artistic Features

Sunday, October 20th 2013. | Living Room

Enjoy the artistic feature if you want to decorate the living room design. A living room is not only to use as an entertainment or family room. You can also use it as a source of pride when people come to visit you in the house.

If the room is made in artistic design, you can make people amazed. They will love to stay in your home and enjoy the amazing display of art on the end table, wall, or even fireplace mantle. The first thing to do to make your living room unique and artistic is by picking the right color schemes. You need to pick the ones which are excluded from your comfort zone. Avoid the neutral colors for they are too common to see in a living room.

You can go with citrus color scheme for it is bright, easy and nice. The architectural designs such as wooden beam, wooden molding and fireplace can come in neutral accents such as beige, tan, or cream. Thus, the eye popping wall can be the main focal point in living room design. Now think about the artistic gallery in the living room wall. You can make it rich and elegant by using some tapestries made in decorative accent. It can feature the gold colored embroidery.

If you want to make the space colorful, set a group of paintings on the wall. The types for painting on the group should come in similar style. If you like with traditional design, you can pick the painting in medieval design. If it comes in modern look, abstract painting or contemporary painting is the best option. If you have a lot of collections of postcard, use it as the decoration on the wall. You can pick the postcards in different patterns, images and colors to make your living room design fantastic and amazing.

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