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Living Room Dining Room with Romantic Look

Thursday, September 19th 2013. | Dining Room, Living Room

Defining the living room dining room with romantic look is easy to do. You can note on the fabric, Color and lighting. The fabric in the dining room and living room should be flattering and easy.

Luxury Living Room Dining Room

You can go with light fabric made from chiffon to create engaging atmosphere. It can be used as the curtain on the window. The people living in a modern house can install it on the glass window to maintain privacy. The people living in a country home decor can use a cafe curtain in pink or cherry red fabric to make the room vibrant and nice.

Enjoy a sensual look by using burgundy curtain. The color in living room dining room also plays important part. You can decorate the wall in white. However, it is too stark to create romantic ambiance. You can use cream, tan or beige. Those earthy shades can increase the cozy and romantic value at home especially when you set a dim lighting in the dining room and living room. Choose a darker color if your home is big enough. The light shades are great to carry bigger illusion in a small home. When talking about the lighting in the dining room and living room, you need to create a relaxing effect which can increase the romance.

Installing a nice chandelier with crystal dripping is the best option. It can create luxury too. If your chandelier is too traditional for a modern look at home, you can replace it with pendant lighting. It can be installed with a dimmer switch that you can use to adjust the light. The romantic feeling is always linked with low light in yellow color. White tone is used for formal feeling. Don’t forget to add wall sconces in the romantic living room dining room.

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