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Living Room India Designs with Gorgeous Wall Hanging

Monday, April 21st 2014. | Interior Design, Living Room

Feel the gorgeous feeling when decorating living room designs India with the right wall hanging. The bare wall in Indian home is great to look at. It makes your guests bored when they view the living room. Make their eyes wonder with the wonderful wall hanging. Use the wall hanging in various forms. You can have it in the form of painting, area rug, tapestries, and wall decor. If you want the textured one with elegant pattern, images or design, you can pick Indian tapestries to decorate the living room.


Since most Indian homes are made in rich and elegant design; you have to choose the tapestries with embroidered pattern. It can make the wall decorative and unique. You can convey message to the guests through the placement for an Indian tapestry on the wall. You can have the tapestry which narrates an Indian folklore or tale. Enjoy the royal feeling in living room designs India by setting Indian elephant tapestries on the wall. The ornamented items can be used to define the beauty of Indian elephants.


The animals are always used as symbol for Indian country. You can set the Indian elephant rug on the fireplace mantle as the focal point. Then you can set two pieces for Indian elephant statues on either side for the tapestry to create harmony in the room. Don’t forget to look at the material used to make the Indian images on the tapestries. Pick the one made from colored thread with gold accent to bring opulence. You can get more tapestries with other images such as marigold, flower, plants and animals. You can make people impressed with the beautiful work of art in your living room. Choose striking color such as mauve, pink or blue to define the wall hanging in living room designs India.




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