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Living Room Paint Color Ideas For Incredible Style

Tuesday, May 14th 2013. | Living Room

You can add your personal style when you like to use new living room paint color ideas. Bring the incredible style in the living space. A color in the room can deliver certain mood and style.

You can present the individual taste by choosing your favorite color. But ensure that it can go well with the rest of the home decor. You can make the room look private when you choose dark color as the main shade in the room. If you love with cozy look in the space, you can go with warm color.

You can expose the brick red texture on the wall to carry the country feeling in the living room. If you want to make it look striking, you can paint the wall in sunny yellow or orange backdrop. The soft colors are great to have if you want to make the room romantic and elegant to view. You can go with pastel living room paint color ideas. It looks great if you present shabby chic decoration. You can mix and match different shades of pastel to make your living space entertaining, fun and passionate. For instance, you can have the wall painted in off white or milky white color.

The trim line and crown molding look great. When you want to shop for new furniture pieces, you can have it from the secondhand market. You can have a wicker sofa, whitewashed chairs and an old wooden chest in distressed look. Put a vase of flower in an urn on the old chest. You can have a rocking chair here and decorate with an off white quilt and a pink floral toss pillows. Ensure that sofa in the room is also decorated with similar toss pillows. Spread an area rug made from woven to complete the new living room paint color ideas.

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