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Living Room Western Ideas In Desert Style

Sunday, April 14th 2013. | Living Room

Living room western ideas are not really popular. But it is perfect for the people who are passionate with desert living style. You can bring creativity and imagination to adorn the living room. You can concentrate on cowboy theme.

If you want to make it different, you can choose the desert inspired style. The color in the room should be focused on the look of a dessert. You can bring earthy colors to make the room simple.

Some nice colors to choose are cream, beige, tan, taupe, rust and gray. You can paint the wall in tan to bring the dessert sense. Then you can paint the ceiling in bright yellow or blue color to represent sun light as well as the fabulous sky. The western ideas will never look complete if you do not present any animal prints in the room. The window covering should look nice with horse printed curtain or green cacti curtain.  If you want to enjoy casual design on the furniture, you can pick a plaid or striped upholstered sofa.  A cowboy hat can be hung on the wall for a nice centerpiece in living room western ideas.

You can enjoy a wonderful view when you set a picture of dessert landscape in Arizona in the wall. Accessorizing the living room western is not difficult for you can get wild flower and fill it on an urn for interesting and authentic style. If you want to illuminate the room, you can hang a kerosene lamp. It can take you back to the old fashioned era when living in a dessert. The sofa will be more comfortable to use if you set some antique quilts. Under the coffee table, you can spread a woven rug in American print to bring new look in living room western ideas.

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