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Luxury Interior Design for Expensive Houses

Monday, September 30th 2013. | Interior Design

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Interior design for expensive houses is nice with luxury design. You can enjoy a fabulous look at home by using luxury decoration inside the living room or bedroom.

An expensive house should carry magnificent style. You can decorate the hallways with an expensive painting. You can shop the famous painting in secondhand stores. Choose the imitative ones since they will never make you spend a lot of cash. The frame for your painting should carry the grandeur feeling. You can pick the gold accent in intricate pattern.

The carving on the frame presents the opulent look at home. If you choose gold as the fixtures in the expensive house, you need to apply it for all kinds of fixtures. A mirror is another option when you want to decorate the wall. You can have an urn made in gold pleated design to hold on the red roses. Set it on the table of your hallway. A carpet is very nice to set on the stairs. You can pick the oriental one with floral pattern to make people comfy when stepping on the grand staircase in interior design for expensive houses.

What about the furniture pieces in the living room? You can shop a sofa, chairs and a coffee table with gold accent. Choose the ones decorated with a scroll, bird or floral decoration. A long sofa should come in upholstered design. You can have it created from leather. To make it a bit traditional, velvet is a nice upholstery fabric. Look at the window in an expensive house! The grand window should never look simple and bare. You need to install a velvet curtain. It can create thick look in the room. You can have it decorated with pleated accent. Pick the curtain with gold embroidery to enjoy luxury interior design for expensive houses.

Interior Design for Expensive Houses:

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