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Minimalist Design Plan with Spare Feeling

Friday, November 1st 2013. | House Design, Interior Design

Use minimalist design plan when you want to create spare feeling in the room. When you have a small home, you do not need to be desperate when you redecorate the gloomy and bleak home. You just need to avoid messy and cluttered look.

The interior design will look interesting, neat and ample if you keep the accessories, furniture and design in minimal state. The floor covering can be made from hardwood floor. Avoid the parquet flooring design. We know that it looks wonderful with patterned floor but it creates busy effect. You can have the plain flooring made from oak or maple.

You can spread a solid colored area rug made from sisal or woven. Minimalist design plan also has the coffee table as the main focal point in the living room. You can pick the bulky and solid colored coffee table made from wood. But it should look bear with only a single vase of flower as the decorative accent. If you want to decorate the counter in the kitchen, you can set a basket of fruits. Some art glasses can be used to decorate the fireplace mantle. If you have a long sofa in plain color, you need do make it engaging with some toss pillows.

Since the sofa comes in plain color, you can have it decorated with tribal, geometric, polka dot or even floral patterned toss pillows. You can also do the similar way when decorating the bed. You just have to make sure that the fabric in the living room or bedroom is free from any ruffle or tassel. When you decorate the bed frame, avoid any canopy curtain on the bed frame. The headboard should be simple in plain pattern and color. You do not need to decorate the bed room in minimalist design plan with any bed spread and canopy curtain.

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