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Minimalist Facade with Floral Decoration

Wednesday, March 19th 2014. | Exterior Design, Garden

It is okay if you want to decorate the minimalist facade with floral decoration. Flower always presents beauty in the house. You can also make the room smell great and fine. Many people choose the simple decoration in the facade because they want to expose more on the beauty of the house building. If you choose the lush design on the facade, it can cover the new look of your modern house. The people who live in a traditional house can design can go with lush design. The floral decoration can be used to decorate the wall in the exterior.



You just have to use the right vines to make the wall green and nice. If you want to make the wall bare and stylish, you can decorate the home with hanging flowers. You just have to go to the stores and get the right pot. It can be made in hand painted design to carry bright feeling on the minimalist facade. The material used to make the pot usually is created from clay. To enjoy clear look on the pot, you can pick the one made from glass material. If you want to bring natural look on the modern Japanese home, you can go with bamboo or wooden pots.



You can fill them with soil and flower to create beauty in the front floor. Set them around the ceiling roof. If you just want to accent the wall, you can mount the flowers on either side for the front door. Choose the colorful flowers. They can be in blue, purple, pink and red. If you want to create clean mood, you can just have to fill the pot with white flowers. To carry striking effect on the minimalist facade, you can go with red colored flowers such as red roses.





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