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Modern Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Friday, October 12th 2012. | Apartment, Interior Design

Living in an apartment has become a new trend for the urban people, it’s not just because it’s close to the location of work, living in an apartment can save time because it’s certainly stood in the middle of the city. The residential apartments also provide a guarantee of security, because the security for residential apartments is usually 24 hours without stopping.

However, the disadvantage of living in an apartment is the lack of space which usually becomes the main issue for us in designing the interior. Therefore, we often prefer using the apartment interior designers to get rid of the problem.

After all, it’s ok if you decide to design your own apartment interior without using the services of the apartment interior designer which is fairly expensive. Here are some suggestions from the apartment interior designers for the residential apartments in order to get a neat, clean, stylish and spacious ambience.

Creating open spaces in the apartment that connect each room. It’s meant to give a spacious sense in your apartment. For example, in the living room and kitchen. It would be better to be coupled with no bulkhead separating, that would make the entire apartment interior look like a large room with no limitations.

The selection of the apartment interior color is recommended to be integrated by white or bright colors in order to create the impression of clean and bright.

The color selection is important for your apartment. Choose one color as the dominant color of your apartment. The white color is a good choice as your main primary color, because white reflects neatness, cleanness, spaciousness, and brightness. Then, it’s combined with other bright colors as a focal point in the room.

Synchronizing each room, in order to look harmonized between the rooms from one to another in your apartment. It is advisable to give an interior element that connects the rooms. Try to use the same type of floor for some rooms to present the harmonious and unified appearance.

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