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Modern Color of House for Simple Interior Design

Sunday, September 15th 2013. | House Design, Interior Design

A simple interior design goes well with modern color of house. Having a modern home is something common today. People love to have this style since it promotes simplicity and easiness. You can avoid the high technology in the interior design if your cash is so limited.

Pick the simple and sleek style to make the house wonderful. Color plays a vital part to define the style and mood. You can make the space look ugly if the combo in modern home is not perfect. If you have a wonderful combo, you can impress the guests when they come in a big and festive celebration such as Halloween or Thanksgiving Day.

Think about the modern color of house in the living room first. You can choose black and white if you only think about conventional style. This combo is very popular since it can create edginess. However, you can add the third color to make the space full of color. For example, the accessories in a black and white living room can come in bold red, lime green or cobalt blue. The kitchen does not have to look similar with the living room if it is comes in separated area.

You can choose the combo of yellow and warm brown to make the space cozy and fun. You can set a kitchen island in modern look. It usually is created with metal accent even though the biggest part is made from wood. You do not need to have a dining space if the house is limited in size. When it comes about the color on the sleeping room, choose the relaxing and tranquil ones. You can go with white on white decoration. You can just have to fill the space with modern color of house in ivory white, creamy white, off white, and icy white.

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