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Modern Design Trends With Eye Catching Architectural Elements

Saturday, April 27th 2013. | House Design

Modern design trends are still fashionable for people love to enough the futuristic design at home. The architectural elements in the house look eye catching since they look different. The style is much affected by contemporary design and mid century design.

You can make it look adorable with simple and flat structures. Every single thing in the room like hardware, door, window frame, furniture and roof should come in sleek and simple design. The complicated and intricate ones do not belong here. Some interesting architectural elements that you can represent on the modern house include the sliding wall, glass wall, skylight, flat roof and simple courtyard.

The dining room, living room and kitchen should be integrated in one great room if your house is made in limited area. You can deliver the open space feeling in modern design trends. If you want to enjoy eco friendly design at home, you can use solar light to bring energy in the room for the illumination and heating system. The color palette in the room should come in neutral accent. You can go with white gray, off white, cream, sandy coral, beige, taupe and tan. If you want to add a hint of shining and bold colors, you can go with silver, metallic color, red, lime green or orange.

The floor in the room can be made from hardwood flooring. It can come in light color to represent the beige look. If you want affordable flooring option, you can install bamboo floor. When you like to paint the room, you can choose the non VOC paint which is safe for the occupants in the house especially for kids. The door in the room can be made in sliding door with clean glass material. If you like to evoke the Japanese style modern design trends, you can choose shoji or rice paper screen door.

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