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Modern Floor Plans without Any Small Feeling

Saturday, November 9th 2013. | House Design

Modern floor plans are the best plan for the people living in a small home. You can make the house bigger with the right plan. The open space design usually is space saving. It means that you will never face any smaller feeling in the small home.

You can make the room bigger by changing the architectural design or layout of furniture pieces. If the kitchen is small, you can go with L shaped kitchen design. The working space in the kitchen is easy to tackle if the organization in the kitchen is well determined.

There is no need to have any dining room. You can set a kitchen island in the cooking room. You can have it to gather and eat the food with family. The solid wall used to separate each room in the house is eliminated to make modern floor plans open. You can use a room partition in non-permanent design when you want to maintain the privacy. It can also beautify the home with floral patterned room partition. The living room at home is nice with a long sofa, two individual chairs and a solid block of wooden coffee table. You can spread a sisal area rug in white color under the coffee table.

The bedroom is easy with a curtain as a room separator. If the room is occupied by two children you can have the curtain or a bookcase as the divider. You can set a loft or platform bed to make the bedroom bigger. When it comes about the color at home, you need to make it simple. Avoid the bold shades as the main colors. You can pick natural colors like beige or taupe on the room. If you want relaxing look on modern floor plans for the bathroom, you can use blue or green on the tile wall.

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