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Modern Garage Design for Unique Style

Saturday, June 15th 2013. | House Entrance

Use your creativity if you want to make the modern garage design look unique and stylish. Garage design can be made in multi purposes. You can have it decorated to serve the family’s need.

Use your imagination to make family happy at home when hanging out on the garage. This space should serve the main function to store your vehicles. But you can make it look eye popping with interesting and unique design.

You can build the modern garage design in car barn, carport, RV garage and workshop or even loft style. You just need to take some time to make a good plan for decorating a garage.  If you choose full remodeling for your garage, you need to concern about the budget for replacing the bracing, doors, floor and reinforcement.  The floor in the garage should be strong and durable for it will crack soon if the floor is not strong enough to hold on the weight for your cars.  You can go with concrete or epoxy floor for high durability. You can also function this space for other purposes.

You can use it as a place to hang out with friends when you build a small cafe or even bar room. You just need to install a simple cabinet that holds the liquors, glasses, and wine. You need to a seating space by putting a round table with some stools. The wall in the room should be repainted with a new color to carry dramatic effect in the modern garage. You can choose gray, white, mint green, pastel blue or solid green to add color. You can add more fabulous effect on the curb appeal by installing a new garage door. You can choose the metal one for it comes with low maintenance. If you want the modern garage design with a unique look, fiberglass door is great to have.

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