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Modern House Painting Colors with Bold Shades

Friday, August 30th 2013. | House Design

Enjoy the bold shades when you decorate the wall with modern house painting colors. Modern house design is still popular because it can carry the sleek and chic feeling in the neighborhood.

Your house looks sophisticated and fun. You will never carry the outdated design. Many people are in love with modern design. You need to note on the color if you want to renew the wall in the living room, kitchen or dining room.

Many people avoid bold shades as wall colors because they tend to carry smaller feeling at home. You are not forbidden to apply bold shades on the wall, but you need to use it as the color of the focal wall. There is no need to paint the entire wall with bold shades. It will look too much. I recommend you to pick one wall with a bold shade. The three walls should be decorated with neutral or subdued colors. Thus, you can create balance proportion of modern house painting colors in the living room. Let me give you detail example about it. If you want to carry fresh feeling in the living room, you can choose green and yellow color on the wall. It makes your house flattering.

The bold shade of green comes in lime green. It can be used as the focal wall. You can paint this color on the fireplace wall to create an attention gathering effect. The three walls can be decorated with honey yellow. This tone is soft and easy. It will reduce the overpowering effect of lime green. Get the third color in neutral shade to apply on the accessories and furniture. For example, you can apply the sofa, chairs, coffee table and other pieces in modern house painting colors of soft cream, tan, taupe, and beige and off white.

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