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Modern House Plan with Bamboo Plants

Monday, November 4th 2013. | House Design

If you intend to decorate the modern house plans, you can set some bamboo plants at home. There are many items that you can choose to define the modern home. You can make it interesting with simple plant decoration.

When you go with modern home, there is no need to choose the complicated plant decoration. A single vase of flower is perfect to accent a coffee table. You do not have to set a bouquet of flowers on the room for it can create busy effect. You need to keep the floral and plant decoration simple and easy.

Bamboo decoration is perfect to set in the modern house plan which evokes the Zen or Japanese style. You can use the bamboo plants to accent the corner space in the room. You can have the real bamboo plants in a pot which can create fresh air. The indoor and outdoor decoration should look similar. Thus, it can evoke the coordinated style at home. You can use the fencing in the house created from bamboo. The bamboo fences sold in the store is various. You can have it created in red, green or brown color depending on the color of your exterior home.

You can pick black if you want to create edgy feeling. Don’t forget to decorate the garden with Japanese bamboo plants. It can be a nice focal point in the garden. The wall along the garden can be decorated with bamboo paneling to create fresh and green effect. If you have a small gazebo in the middle of your garden, decorate it with bamboo material. You can panel the floor from bamboo sheets, while the structure of the gazebo is nice with bamboo bar. Planting bamboo around the garden in modern house plan is easy to do because this material can grow in many tropical countries.

Modern House Plan with Bamboo Plants:

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