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Modern Interior Design 2013 with Perfect Architectural Design

Friday, November 8th 2013. | Interior Design

You can feel the beauty in modern interior design 2013 if the architectural design in the house is suitable and perfect. When people have a small site, they can build a small home. There is no need for you to choose the big building for it can make the house smaller.

The modern interior style is a good decoration because you can avoid any clutter in the room. The modern home is always characterized with simple, edgy and stylish architectural design. When it comes about the wall, you can install glass wall. It can make you feel serene and free because of the open feeling in the room.

You can install a sheer curtain to maintain privacy. The outdoor area should look simple and wonderful with a lawn if you want to enjoy the outdoor look from the sofa inside the house. Modern interior design 2013 also looks nice with a sliding door. You can get the inspiration from the Japanese or Chinese home design. It can be made from glass door with wooden frame. If you want to make it traditional with Japanese design, you can have the wooden frame with paper screen. The people also choose the screen in cherry blossom pattern to make the house interesting and beautiful.

When it comes about the stairs, you can make it simple. Sometimes the stairs are not equipped with any metal railing. If you live alone it is okay to have a stair without any railing. However, your home should be equipped with a railing if you have children. It will be unsafe for them to walk on the stairs without any railing to lean and hold. The space under the stairs can be decorated with pictures or even collection of memorabilia. You can decorate the space into a small bar or even a home office in modern interior design 2013.

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