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Modern Interior Lighting Design

Saturday, October 6th 2012. | Interior Design

Modern lighting design creates a new concept of house lighting design. Lighting is a very important part for every kind of building, especially a house. As the resident, house is where people totally rest from all the activities. Therefore, the guarantee of comfort is a must.

In a the modern lighting design, there should be three lighting elements. First, the general lighting used for the entirety house lighting which are installed on the ceilings or in the middle of a room. The second element is particular lighting meant for the particular lighting, such as the hanging lamps in the dining room. And the third is the accent lighting specialized to emphasize the decorative objects in a room, like paintings or pictures. There should be one general lighting every 20 to 25 meters, and make sure that a room doesn’t have more than three particular lightings. The accent lighting should be hidden because the light is very bright.

The living room needs an entirety general lighting, because in this room is where all the family members gather up. A proper general lighting may enhance the relaxation time quality of the family. Consider adding one standing lamp right in the back of a pot plant to emphasize the beauty of it. The combination of those two modern lighting designs can bring the best impression of the interior.

For the bedrooms, apply the yellowish lighting to make the ambience in the bedroom warmer and more comfortable for the eyes. For those of you who love to read before sleeping, install a reading on the wall above the bed or in the headboard.

To manipulate the room, you can install a vertical lamp on the wall. The light of the lamp will be spread out from top to bottom, so it makes the room seem taller. Or, you can place a standing lamp pointing upwards. The ceilings will be brighter, and it makes higher from the ground. To maximize the modern lighting design, add a few mirrors on the wall to reflect lights, so the room feels more spacious.

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