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Modern Interior Main Doors Design

Monday, October 8th 2012. | Interior Design

Doors are an inseparable part of every house. Every concept of the house, either it’s modern, traditional or even classical house concept, will have its own door style. Especially the main door design, which is the liaison between the inside and the outside of the house. The design of the main door is needed particular consideration too, given it’s a part of the “face” of the house.

The modern house concept is the latest and the most popular house concept today. Every part of it, interior and exterior part, is well designed in order to get the “modern” sense reflected by its efficiency and functionality. It goes the same with the modern main door design. The availability of door’s design and models, makes the door manufacturer race to make the most attractive modern door design.

One most important thing to have a modern door is, first to choose the best quality door materials. It means that it’s endurable to any weather condition, so that the door design will always be stable, it won’t shrink or expand. And if you pick the low quality door materials, the weather change will simply affect the door, either it will be shrunk or expanded.

Here are some of the most commonly used door material for the modern house :

1. Wooden doors
This material is the standard material for constructing the main door for the classical and also the modern house concept due to its endurance and its appearance value. Wooden doors are usually equipped with frame and panel construction to counteract the seasonal issue. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of the wooden doors are quite many. It’s pretty sensitive to moisture that can cause it to warp or change shape. The wood doors are sensitive to the sunlight too.

2. Fiberglass doors
Fiberglass is one of the most affordable and quality door material. It’s proven to last long as the wood material does. Fiberglass material is energy efficient and practical to be the main door. It can also be repeatedly repainted due to its material, so you won’t get bored with one package of the door.

3 Steel doors
This is the strongest door material ever made. It’s believed that the steel material is the strongest door material of all door materials. This door material is equipped with the fully weatherstripped protection that keeps it from shrinking or warping. Given its tough construction, it will need a little maintenance in years. However, all those facilities come with such an expensive price.

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