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Modern Minimalist Color Home Decoration Ideas

Thursday, October 11th 2012. | House Design

The modern minimalist house design is currently the most popular home model, because it reflects the neatness, cleanness, and simplicity, which are the today’s human lifestyle. We absolutely often find homes that are designed according to the simplicity of the minimalist concept. It also makes the home paint manufacturers produce paint color series for the minimalist home design.

When it comes to the minimalist design, we won’t be able to separate it from the play of colors. Because color is an important element in creating any house design, especially the minimalist design. The minimalist design has actually been growing for a few years ago, but until now the style is still a favorite of many homeowners.

The Modern minimalist house design typically uses the neutral color combination of white and gray. However, as the development keeps going on, the minimalist house also apply bright colors as accents. Thus, the impression given is not too stiff, and the house will look more interesting and attractive. Here are some tips of for the modern minimalist color decoration :

Wall color
Give the walls bright and neutral colors. Make the accent by using the combination of two opposite or contrast colors to dampen the rigid and monotonous impression. For example, gray can be combined with orange. You can apply this method in the facade or porch.

Floor color
Floor also contributes in the modern minimalist color decoration, therefore it needs to get a good attention about the coloring. A darker color choice is most appropriate for the floor. Therefore, you can use ceramic or marble floor that have been commonly used in the minimalist home. Or, to enhance the ambience, you can integrate can integrate the natural flooring material, such as bamboo or a parquet floor.

Ceiling color
For the modern minimalist home design, you should use a white-painted ceiling. The white color on the ceiling is able to give the effect of brightness and higher. Besides white color, you can also use other colors that are certainly lighter than the dominant color of the house.

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