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Modern Minimalist Facade Color Decorating Styles

Saturday, October 13th 2012. | House Design

For those of you who want to design the interior of your house in order to appear modern and also to have appropriate functions, you can choose a minimalist home design. Yes, minimalist design is an architectural art that tends to prioritize the functions and simple design.

The minimalist design is characterized by the squares or geometric design and the color selection. In terms of color selection, the minimalist design is usually dominated by neutral color palette. Such as gray, brown, beige, or white. That color palette is able to make a house look modern and simple. However, since the minimalist design is identical with simplicity, if you fail to design it, you’ll get a monotonous home.

That’s why, in the minimalist home design is often infiltrated by a bright color inserts on certain parts. Bright colors such as red, yellow, or orange is commonly used as an accent that will be able to create the impression of life and softer on the overall look of the home. The bright colors can also serve as the eye-catching element of the home design.

You can apply it on the facade. The facade is the part of the house that becomes the center of the attention. Facade can create the first impression that represents the atmosphere of the whole house. Therefore, the facade needs to be designed with an attractive design. Pick the combination of white and gray as the basic color. Choose shades of light gray in some parts of the wall with the dominant composition.

One of the ways that you can do to make the facade as the center of the attention is by combining colors. So, what are the right color application for the facade?
- The color effect of the facade can cause various impressions of buildings, such as gray pink brown and purple that present the atmosphere of soft, comfortable and romantic.
- The Color combination of blue and green can create the character of peace and quiet.
- The individual-characterized colors such as red has a bold character, high energy, high vitality, and can give the impression of a strong personality.

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