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Modern Minimalist House Design with Inviting Mood

Sunday, March 30th 2014. | Interior Design

The inviting mood is always presented when you select modern minimalist house design. Many people think that modern home is too cold and stark. It is true. You can make the living room warm and welcoming if you can find out the ways to make it inviting. You can paint the modern home design with Zen or even contemporary design. It can create relaxing effect in the house. You do not need to use full effort when you want to add a new look at home.

Now think about the color in modern minimalist house design. You can make it minimalist if you go with neutral colors. The color of earth is perfect if you match it with green, tan, pale blue, sunny yellow, cloudy grey, beige and bold red. Bright shades on the room are nice to apply on the color of the accessories. When you decorate the wall with cloudy grey, you can have the sofa in lime green. A violet sofa is perfect if the wall in the living room is painted in off white or tan. Finding the modern furniture is so easy to do. Many stores are filled with modular and angular pieces.


You will never face any difficulty to find out the new furniture. You can pick the sleek one with double duty design. It can create engaging effect without consuming much floor space in the room. An ottoman used as a coffee table is perfect. A hidden storage on the coffee table is nice because it can save the room from any clutter. You can make the house clean and neat. The bedroom should be equipped with a walk in closet. In the bathroom, you can add an open shelving unit to save your towels and bathroom supplies in modern minimalist house design.




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