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Modern Victorian House Design for a Small House

Friday, September 13th 2013. | House Design

Modern Victorian House Design Ideas

It is a dream coming true if you can present the modern Victorian house design in small home. Many people think that a small home only fit with modern or contemporary look. You are wrong if you think this way.

You can enjoy the traditional and majestic design by using Victorian interior. Don’t worry, you cannot find busy and messy feeling if the Victorian design is infused with modern design. You need to enjoy subtle furnishing without eliminating the authentic feeling of Victorian decoration. Even though you have a small home, you can make it look bigger with modern colors.

The majestic look is presented when you choose the accessories, finish and ceiling decoration in Victorian design. When talking about the color in modern Victorian house design, you need to choose the light and classic ones. There is no need to paint the entire walls with bold shades of hunter green, navy blue, cobalt blue, maroon, wine red, violet or mauve. You can use them as the accent colors at home. The main colors can be in classic white, beige, honey yellow, mint green, lavender or even light gray.

You can decorate the wall with wallpaper of floral pattern or fleur de list. If you want classic effect, you can use damask wallpaper in shining lavender. When it comes about the furniture pieces, you can choose the dark finish. Avoid the heavy and busy pattern for it can block the traffic way at home. The sofa can come in plain pattern if the wall is created in dark or floral pattern. You need to choose the sofa with leather upholstery to create provisional look in the living room. If you want to make it cozy, it can be made in soft fabric. Pick the light one to decorate the modern Victorian house design.

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