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Moroccan Decor For A Cozy Spot

Sunday, April 21st 2013. | House Design

Moroccan decor features the bold, rich and vibrant style. The fabric used in the room should come in intricate and rich pattern. You can deliver the ethnic eclectic design in the room if you like to mix and match Moroccan style with inter interesting styles like Persian, middle eastern or Arabian styles.

Moroccan home decor should carry the warm effect in the room. But you can bring cool shade by picking the combination of emerald green or jade green with blue color. The cozy spot in the room that you can use to apply the Moroccan decor is dining room. This place can be used to gather with family and friend.

You can enjoy the menu while enjoying the relaxing and fresh feeling in the dining room. The entertaining and socializing room looks fun if you can add bold color of violet on the wall. If you want to increase the appetite of the occupants in the house, you can go with orange or brick red color. The spicy color can be seen on the furniture pieces. You can keep the pictures of Moroccan decor in natural color of brown or tan. But you can present the jewel tones like jade green, ruby red or blue color on the chair upholstery.

You can bring pattern in floral or vines if you like to make the room striking and vibrant. If you want to add texture on the wall, you can it painted in sponging or color washing technique. The focal point in the dining room can be set on the wall. You can choose one focal wall and adorn it with wall mural tile made from mosaic pattern. It can bring reflective effect if the mosaic tile comes in glossy and shining style. If you want another decoration on the wall of Moroccan decor, you can set a curtain or tapestries.

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