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Moroccan Decor With Adorable Textures

Friday, April 26th 2013. | House Design

Moroccan decor is famous because of its boldness and romance. You can evoke the exotic feeling in the house when you decide to bring the Moroccan style to treat the bedroom, living room or dining room.

You can express the Asian style when you use the bold color to treat the wall, accessories and furniture pieces. You just have to make sure that rooms in the house can look flamboyant, rich, exotic and hot. You need to avoid the neutral colors at the moment since they are not good to represent here. You need to pick the bright shades impressed by jewel tones to carry the rich feeling in the room.

Some interesting Moroccan colors to set include violet, lavender, royal blue, jade green, turquoise, fuchsia, orange, sunset yellow, gold, silver and red. The fuchsia sofa can bring bold effect in the living room. You can place a coffee table made with mosaic glass top. A vase of flower filled with peacock feather can bring beauty and visual interesting in Moroccan decor. The floor in the room should never look bare. You do not need to expose the hardwood floor.

You can set an area rug made in Persian or oriental pattern to carry the exotic design. Pick the one in maroon to add glam style. Now pick the right drapery to adorn the window. You can go with fresh and luxury window covering. It can be made from silk to bring shining look. The pillow in the living room can be decorated with gold embroidery with some ruffles. If you want to make the pillows sparkling, choose the one with beads. If you need more storage area in the bedroom, you can set a patterned ottoman. It can be used as a coffee table in simple and nice Moroccan decor.

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