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Moroccan Themed Room With Excellent Style

Saturday, May 18th 2013. | Interior Design

Moroccan themed room with a nice fantasy can be the best decoration for you. There are many ideas that you can have at home such as exotic images of dessert, Bedouin tents, palm trees or even harems.

You can bring romantic feeling in the room if you can express a wonderful style at home. You need to think about the colors first. You can go with magenta, sapphire blue, saffron yellow, reddish orange, jade green, sunny yellow and ruby red. The warm colors make your bedroom look rich and elegant. If you want to reduce the overpowering effect, you can add neutral colors like beige, tan, white, grey and cream.

If you want to bring exotic feeling in the bedroom, you can go with rich and fabulous fabrics. You can choose satin throws, silk draperies, and velvet curtain. The bed post should carry elegant effect. If you want to carry a comfortable style in the room, you can set a chaise lounge. You can bring the Arabian style in Moroccan themed room. You can set a netted canopy. You can spread a flattering curtain to make the room beautiful. The light in the bedroom should carry sparkling and romantic design. You can choose wrought iron wall sconces to make your wall adorable.

If you want to bring authentic feeling on the ceiling, you can choose a hanging lantern or even a chandelier. You can evoke the eclectic design. You can mix and match different styles. A seated cushion is nice to have in the Moroccan bedroom for it can be a place for you to relax. You can sleep here when you are tired and want to enjoy the breezy air in the bedroom. Open the window to let the sun light flow in your exotic and elegant Moroccan themed room.

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