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Multi-Function Apartment Furniture Design Ideas

Thursday, October 4th 2012. | Apartment, Furniture

Multi-function furnitures seem to be a strong part of the apartment interior design. The apartment interior is best-suited with the multi-functional and simple furniture design.

If you are worried about arranging your apartment with a small area, but you still managed to want the simple and very efficient interior design. It is not impossible, to have a simple small apartment interior design. Through the proper planning and designing, you will always able to accommodate a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, to the balcony.

Indeed, given to the limited space, every room in the apartment feels so close each other. After all, each room doesn’t have to be too crowded. This is because of two things. First, the landscaping of every room is divided into a small area. Second, choose only the simple and multi-function furnitures and furnishings. Avoid having big cabinets or tables, because it slightly would make the apartment seem so narrow and crowded. Consider using simple cabinets to put your pictures, small sculptures, and many more. It also creates the openness yet efficiency into the interior of the apartment.

One most important thing for the selection of small apartment furnitures, the tables that have built-in storage space to keep your small stuffs. It seems so simple, but actually, it will absolutely help you save space from your scattered stuffs around your apartment. The multi-function table like this can be integrated in the coffee table put in the living room.

Right inside the bedrooms, you can build a window cabinet built-in closet made of multiplex. The proper measurement of this built-in closet can be defined about 200 x 500 x 250 cm. The utilization of this built-in closet is really effective replacing the conventional closet. Having a built-it closet is very recommended for those of you who adore the openness in the bedroom, because it doesn’t take space at all.

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