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Nice Living Room Designs For Small Houses

Friday, May 31st 2013. | Living Room

Living room designs for small houses look nice with the right style and decor. A small house brings a big problem for the occupants since they will be uncomfortable to sleep in the bedroom and have a chit chat with the guests in the living room if it is tight and cramped.

A living room should be decorated perfectly if you want to make it fun and fresh without sacrificing the space in the room. You can repaint the wall with a new tone. The color for your living room should be bright and light. You can go with lilac if it is made in feminine and soft design.

If you like to evoke the elegant and classic design, off white is perfect. When talking about the furniture pieces, you need to go with sleek and slim ones. A sofa bed can be a good choice if you like to take a nap here during the day. When you have done sleeping in living room designs for small houses, you can transform it into a sofa. The coffee table in the room should be equipped with a storage space that you can use to accommodate the knick knacks, seasonal items and accessories. If the items are too many, you can skip the normal coffee table with a simple ottoman.

It can give your more room for storing items. The ottoman sold in the antique stores comes in many designs and colors. You can have it upholstered with tribal pattern if you like with ethnic decoration. If you just want to enjoy simple look, you can go with plain ottoman. The window should be opened widely to let the fresh and bright light breaking in the room. Thus, you can make it look big with perfect living room designs for small houses.

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