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Nice Paint Color Ideas For Living Room

Sunday, April 28th 2013. | Living Room

Paint color ideas for living room look nice if you can gather the best color to accent the wall, floor and ceiling. Color brings significant difference when you like to set new mood and drama in the room.

If you pick the wrong color to define the living room, people are not comfortable to spend time here. You need to make sure that the outlook in the room is nice to perceive so that you can increase the style in the living room.  The color in the room is not only represented through the wall paint. You need to think about the color for your carpet, area rug, wall hanging, sofa, furniture and window covering.

All of the key elements in the living room should bring cohesive and fabulous effect. You need to decide the right mood that you like to perceive in paint color ideas for living room. If you love to enjoy peaceful effect, you can go with blue color. It comes in various shades like royal blue, pastel blue, and mid night blue. You can go with pastel blue to deliver the tranquil setting at home. If you like to enjoy the fresh and chic look at home since you love with luxury detail, you can pick gold and dark brown combo to deliver the opulence in the room.

The occupants who love to perceive the rustic details in the living room can go with distressed shade. You can paint the furniture in off white color if you want to represent the romantic and shabby chic charm. If you like to enjoy the authentic rustic design, you can have it painted in distressed magenta or dark brown. If you want sparkling detail in the room, you can choose silver and chrome accent to make the paint color ideas for living room pop.

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