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Old Country Living Room Interior Design

Thursday, April 11th 2013. | Living Room

If you want to present the traditional style in the house, you can set the old country living room interior design. You can make the room welcoming by using the old country style. Many people get it wrong when they hear the old country style. They think a living room should be decorated with green plain cushion with beribboned duck.

The style now is totally different for it can deliver the inviting look at home. You can make it cozier with the best decoration. You can bring nice backdrop by picking the right color schemes. You can choose classic tones like blue, green, yellow, off white and red. The accent color can be in brown shade.

You can go with tan, beige, and light brown. The wall can be painted using one of the old country colors. Then you can add rustic wallpaper bolder on the wall to banish the plain wall. The living room interior design should be set with some cushions. The printed area rug made in braided pattern is good to set under the coffee table. The furniture in the room should come in oversized stuff. You can have the chairs made in classic color. If you want comfortable seating space, you can pick the one in upholstered design. It can come in the prints of animal, floral or vines.

If you want to stay old fashioned, you can go with plaid pattern. The wall is more functional if you can set open shelves.  You can save books, potteries or vases here. The living room looks wonderful and valuable if you can represent artistic work in the living room. Pick the ones suited with your old world country decor. You can have the handmade potteries to define the mantle.  The pictures depicting the flower, rooster or farmhouse are good to define living room interior design.

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