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Old Traditional Japanese Houses

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013. | House Design

Traditional Japanese houses look old and authentic to view. If you like to bring tranquility in the house, you can go with Japanese home design. You can pick the decoration in the house based on the purpose and function. The intricate pieces in the room should be eliminated since it cannot present the character used in Japanese house.

You need to make sure the room in the house is clean. The messy look and clutter is not permitted in the room. It can banish the tranquil look at home. You can go with simple design without banishing the beautiful style in Japanese home.

Trimming and molding in the architectural design of Japanese home is not presented. You can have it made from timber frames. The roof in the house is made from combination of clay and wood. If you like to build toilet, bathroom and kitchen in traditional Japanese houses, you can have them in separate area in the house. What about the type of flooring used in Japanese home design?  You can go with tatami mat. It can be used as the floor covering in the living room. If you like to install a new door in the room, you do not need to present any solid door.

Most Japanese houses are equipped with rice paper door. It can be easily moved by sliding the door. You can save much space in the room since the opening of your door will never bother the placement of your furniture. The Japanese house is not functional if you cannot present any furniture pieces in the room. Pick the one portable design so that you can fold it back when the furniture pieces are not used any more. You can keep it inside a storage area when you do not use the furniture in traditional Japanese houses.

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