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Paint Colors 2013 with Flattering Fabric Curtain

Friday, April 25th 2014. | Baby bedroom, Bedroom, Interior Design, Living Room

Paint colors 2013 can make your home new and fresh. Every year you need to redecorate the house with a simple makeover to bring a new style. It can make your home look old and bleak if you never apply a simple remodeling which will never cost you a lot of money. By repainting the room with a new color, you can add a vibrant effect. Look at the paint on the exterior and interior. Both decorations are great to create a new mood. Don’t forget to suit the color on the wall for exterior and interior with the fabric curtain. You can pick the color based on the style of your home.


The people who have a modern home love to choose the modern paint colors 2013. It looks nice if you paint the wall with white colors. White is a natural color which can be used not only to decorate the modern home but also classic and traditional home design. You just have to choose the right paint color. You can pick semi glossy paint to bring shining effect in the house. It will look plain if you only decorate the wall with white. You need to bring contrasting color by using the flattering curtain. It will look wonderful if the curtain comes in sunset yellow to carry bright and cheerful effect. The color for the trim and molding can come in silver color.


The metallic accents should be used in the exterior because it can evoke the sophisticated look. The floor in the room looks nice with tiles or hardwood. You can go with hardwood floor if you want to decorate the living room or bedroom. If you want to decorate the highly accessed rooms such as kitchen and bathroom, choose tile. This material is water resistant. Suit the color for the floor with white paint colors 2013.




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