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Paint Colors for 2013 with Neutral Shades

Monday, September 16th 2013. | House Design

Paint colors for 2013 looks wonderful if they come in neutral tones. The space will look light and bright to view. The neutral shades can be used to define the small and large living room. They are flexible to use in any types of decoration.

You can preserve the spaciousness in the living room or dining room without making the space tight and ugly. The visual exterior in the living room can add roomy feeling in the bedroom. You can choose the vertical or even horizontal stripes. You do not need to paint it in striped pattern. You can buy wallpaper with stripped design.

It will be easier for the home owners to enjoy the vertical striped wallpaper. Pick the one with natural combos. You can choose relaxing blue and white striped pattern if the living room is created in maritime theme. The paint colors for 2013 with off white and soft pink striped design are great to define the bedroom for your little girls. To enjoy a whimsical feeling in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to attach the wallpaper in rainbow striped pattern.

The people who like with modern feeling with tranquil and serene setting can pick the combination of oatmeal matte, tobacco and ecru colors. They can bring simplicity in the living room and dining room. Some people find that the neutral shades look boring. You need to add textures to deliver the vibrant effect. You can set wicker furniture with muslin upholstery. To enjoy the luxury feeling, you can set rough wood furniture. The chairs can be decorated with royal blue velvet with some buttons. They can deliver the grandeur effect in the living room. The polished knick knacks in silver, metallic, chrome, or gold shades can make the paint colors for 2013 look wonderful and stylish.

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