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Pink Room Ideas with a Simple Makeover Project

Monday, October 7th 2013. | Interior Design

A simple makeover project can be applied if you want to evoke feminine design in the bedroom with pink room ideas. You need to choose the flaunt pink which can carry open space design in the bedroom.

Avoid the dark pink since it can bring darker feeling which makes the occupants uncomfortable. The color combo is very important to decide. You can make the bedroom interesting if you go with brown and white. Both colors look great to combine with pink color. You can increase the coziness at home.

When you paint the wall, ensure that the cost of painting suits your budget. Choose the simple technique if you have limited budget. If you are a handy man, it will be great if you do a DIY project to transform the style in the bedroom with pink room ideas. The furniture pieces in the bedroom can come in dark brown color. Don’t overcrowd the room with too many bulky items. You can pick the important ones in the bedroom such as bed frame, dresser and nightstand. Avoid the unimportant pieces such as an end table or chairs.

The linen used in the bedroom should come in comfortable design. It can be in form of fluffy cotton material which can increase your sleeping quality during the winter time. If you wait to make it rich, you can have a blanket made from a counterpane or fleece. Pick the one decorated with ruffles or embroidery. The upholstery on the sofa of your bedroom will look interesting if it comes in different color from the wall. You can go with soft shades such as Lilac, white or cream. If you want to decorate the pink room with some accessories, pick the beautiful one which can increase the feminine design in pink room ideas.

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