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Popular Dining Room Colors 2013 with Refreshing Feeling

Saturday, August 31st 2013. | Dining Room

Popular dining room colors 2013 offer you with a lot of refreshing colors. Dining will be fun with family if the room looks colorful, stylish and breezy. The refreshing colors such as olive green, soft pink, lilac, off white, creamy white, and tan can deliver the tranquil seating in the dining room.

When you walk in the dining room, you will be relaxing and want to stay for longer hours in the space. The colors used in the space are not only found the wall, but you need to present the right color for the furniture pieces, area rug, curtain, and upholstery.

You need to carry harmony in the dining room by using the right popular dining room colors 2013. The combo should bring complementary feeling rather than delivering the contrasting colors. Paint the wall in lilac or soft pink. The wall should not look bare. You need to present the right wall art which can carry engaging look on the wall. If you want romantic feeling, a big painting of flower is great to apply. Small framed photos of family can be a good display in dining room. To carry the traditional mood, you can set a medieval tapestry.

This wall art comes in various designs and patterns. To enjoy the modern look, the tapestries of sky carpet, food, and geometric patterns are wonderful. Add some small mirrors in various shapes like square, triangle, circle, round, and rectangular to enjoy a bigger look with decorative wall. A small curio cabinet is perfect to set on the corner space. It can be utilized to display your ceramics, china and potteries.

Don’t forget to set an area rug under the dining table to prevent any slippery when you sit in here. Complement the area rug with popular dining room colors 2013.

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