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Red Bedroom Ideas With Rich Style

Monday, April 8th 2013. | Bedroom

Red bedroom ideas can make the occupants enjoy the wonderful and sensual design in their haven. Red is considered as a strong and passionate color. Even though the color is more popular to use as a dining room color, you can make it as a nice bedroom color. But make sure that you can combine the color with other light and tranquil shades to break up the overpowering look of red.

You can paint the rest of the walls using red. Pick the red shade which can deliver interesting look. You can pick the deep red in burgundy, wine or even maroon color for they can bring luxury and cozy feeling.

The bloody red is not good to have for it can deliver the irritating look at home. Then you can accessorize the bedroom with white throw pillows to make the room adorable. The curtain in the room can be in white color to bring contrasting style with red wall.  Pick the one with red piping to coordinate with red wall. The floor can be in light color for oak. Then you can cover it using a red colored area rug. What about the furniture pieces in red bedroom ideas? You can make the furniture look deep and dark by finishing the dresser, bed, nightstand, shelves and cabinet in brown and black.

The combination of black and red is good. You can use white, cream, and beige as the third color to break up the dark effect in the bedroom. If you want to enjoy romantic and vintage style in the bedroom, you can choose distressed furniture pieces .The wall can be adorned with shelves. It can be used to hang your books and interesting collections. The dresser looks sparkling by adding metallic colored jewel boxes and candleholder in adorable red bedroom ideas.

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