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Redecorating a Living Room in a Mobile Home with Simple Ideas

Friday, April 11th 2014. | Interior Design, Living Room

Redecorating a living room in a mobile home in simple decoration can add a new effect. You can make the space different than before. Living in a mobile home is quiet popular in US. Many people cannot afford to buy a house. Thus, they need to spend the life inside a mobile home. You can renovate the mobile home and make it cozy with new color, light and design. You need to make it valuable by preserving the right design and decor. You do not have to bath the living room with many knick knacks and pieces.


The slight decoration can make the space fabulous. Use a classy way to define the mood in the living room. What you need to do first is installing wooden paneling on the room. Wooden paneling is fine if you want to make it a bit rustic. Choose the distressed paint color to apply on the wooden paneling. If you want to create modern look when redecorating a living room in a mobile home you can pick the shining and glossy feeling on the wall. Some people choose wallpaper to define the wall because it can create a nice theme.


You can choose landscaping wallpaper of mountain to make the space peaceful and tranquil. The ceiling in the mobile home is often neglected by the home owners. You need to make it look new by sealing the ceiling with stain. Don’t forget to check the safety of your ceiling. Look at the screws. If you find it so old, you can add glossy and shining finish. To make the living room airy and fresh with new air, you can install a ceiling fan with lamps. You can avoid the high moisture get stuck inside the living room. Don’t forget to open the window when redecorating a living room in a mobile home.




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