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Relaxing Minimalist Living Room

Monday, July 15th 2013. | Living Room

Minimalist living room can look relaxing and ample with the best decoration and decor. It can be the amazing place to unwind with family. You can avoid any clutter in the room because you can enjoy the less stressful feeling in the room.

You can easily move from one spot to others if the minimalist room is arranged in a good layout. There are many home owners who have to move slowly between rooms because the layout is not good and the furniture is too bulky. The knick knacks and items that you display on the room should be functional.

If they are not useful, you need to place them in the storage space. You can choose various options to keep your relaxing living room organized and simple.  The furniture pieces used in the living room is made in classic colors, clean lines, and streamlined design. You also select the furniture with some storage spaces underneath. For example, you can pick a coffee table with a rack, an ottoman and a shelving unit to accommodate the whole smaller pieces. Choose two or three colors to make the space look big and vibrant.

Avoid the dark colors to use as a wall color. It can make the living room look even smaller.  Since the room is a family den, you need to make it cozy and simple by presenting beige, tan, honey yellow and brick red. To carry edgy and sophisticated look, you can go with black and white color. Many people avoid print in the minimalist room. You can have simple prints in floral or geometric accent, but you can present a small portion on the accessories. For example, you use tribal pattered pillows to make the white and plain sofa look gorgeous or you present a geometric area rug in minimalist living room to make the plain floor look striking.

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