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Retro Bedroom Decor for Tranquil Look

Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Bedroom

Retro bedroom decor is easy to apply at home. You do not need to spend thousand dollars to decorate the bedroom with retro design. Visit many thrift stores and garage sales to shop the items and knick knacks made in retro style.

You do not need to spend much fortune to enjoy a classic feeling in the bedroom. In these present days, people are still hypnotized with modern or contemporary bedroom. However, there are bunches of people who like to enjoy the tranquil and classic look inspired from the look of interior design in 1970s to 1980s. You can add value in the bedroom if you are successful to decorate the bedroom with this style.

Applying the retro bedroom decor is not difficult to do. You just need to find the pieces to pop up the wall, chest of drawers and table. You can set a picture which depicts the lifestyle in 1970s to carry the authentic feeling. You need to look at the many pieces which become a hit in the past. It can give you a lot of inspirations when shopping the right vintage and retro decor. You can have the window decorated with floral dyed curtain.

Choose the wall in the retro bedroom in striking shades. For example, you can define the wall with mustard yellow, avocado green or bubble gum pink. When you shop the bedding, bed linen and toss pillows, avoid the plain color. It can make the bedroom look too boring. You need to set the striking effect by using the printed pattern. For example, you choose gingham or floral pattern. The floor covering can be made from wool to add warm effect. Retro bedroom decor will be perfect with the accessories such as curtain, area rug, table top and bedding made in polka dot pattern.

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