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Room Interior Design In Regency Style

Friday, April 12th 2013. | Interior Design

You can enjoy the regency room interior design by picking the glamour and sophisticated design. The glitz should be bright in the room to make it fabulous and rich. It can make you turn back to the past when enjoying the eye catching and rich shade of color to adorn the wall.

The backdrop can be treated in neutral color for you can focus the glass and rich feeling by selecting the accessories and decors. You can paint the wall in off white, cream, gray or beige.

You can create a focal wall if you want to add texture and vibrant effect in the room.  The focal wall can be treated with bold print. The rest of three walls can be treated in plain colors. Now think about the flooring treatment for you regency room interior design. You can go with animal printed area rug for bold accents. If you want to make it simple, you can have solid shag. The busy geometric patterned area rug is also great to define the living room. It can be used to represent the modern decor at home. If you love to enjoy warm feeling in the room, you can choose the abstract rug.

Let’s furnish the regency home design. You can pick the flashy decor to make the room busy and ornate. You can shop for a chaise lounge with busy pattern. If you want to make the regency room luxury, you can shop for the sofa covered with satin, velvet or suede material. The cabinet in the room should feature glass door. If you want to set a coffee table, you can have the one with a mirrored table top. The chairs and other seating furniture should be decorated with tufted back, fringe or bold piping for adorable regency room interior design.

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