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Room Themes For Girls In Green Color

Wednesday, April 24th 2013. | Interior Design

There are many types of room themes for girls. You can have it made in green color to bring refreshing effect in the room. Green comes in numerous shades. You can have it in most green, mint green or even hunter green.

You can go with muted and pale hues of green to make the room open and fun. Girls love to enjoy feminine colors like pink and lavender. But if they get bored with the feminine shades in their personal room, you can choose pale green to make it fresh and fun. Or you can combine green with pink or lavender for a new look in their haven.

Pick the theme first so that you know on how to decorate the room. If you want to enjoy a quirky idea for girl’s bedroom, you can choose a frog or amphibian theme. You set frog wallpaper on the wall for interesting pictures. The decorative items like bed linen, area rug and curtains can come in frog print.  You can combine frog theme with interesting designs like lily or wild flower to make the room vibrant to view. Thus, you can add a hint of yellow color on the room. If you like to enjoy the fresh and lush feeling in room themes for girls, you can pick verdant theme.

It enables you to set the forest wallpaper to carry leafy pattern. You can shop for pillow shams and an area rug which can deliver the greenery look.  The window sill in the room can be decorated with potted plants and flowers. They can be made from silk. If you like to enjoy the animal kingdom theme in the room, you can set vintage wallpaper containing the images of snail, grasshopper, hummingbird, bees, butterfly, lady bug and snakes on the wall. Then you can decorate the headboard on your room themes for girls with some greenery stickers.

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