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Shoe Rack Design with Great Arrangement

Thursday, September 5th 2013. | Furniture

You can avoid cluttered look by using the right shoe rack design. Shoe storage is as important as a dressing room. Many women are shoe holics who have hundreds of shoes at home. If you cannot preserve the style in great look, your shoes will never last any longer.

There are many types of shoe storage sold in the stores. You can have it created from aluminum, metal wrought iron or even wood. I suggest you to choose wood because this material is exclusive and great. It can maintain the look of your shoes better than any other materials.

Wood comes in various finishes. You can pick the light, dark or medium tones depending on the styles in the room. Many people always realize the wooden shoe rack design with its sturdiness. It can last for a long time with simple maintenance. You just have to wipe it with wet cloth when you find it dirty and dusty. The style for the rack design is various. Since wood comes in flexible pattern, you can pick the modern or even traditional one.

If you just want to enjoy modern shoe rack, you can choose the oak wooden rack. It can be made in light color of taupe or cream. The design is simple and shining without any carved pattern. On the other hand, the traditional shoe rack is decorated with wonderful craftsmanship. It has a carved pattern on the surface which can make the rack look busy. The hand carving rack usually is more expensive since it is considered as an art. If you do not like with wooden tone, you can repaint he shoe rack anytime you want with new paint. It can be painted in lime green, black, blue or even white to blend the shoe rack design with the whole decor in the house.

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