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Simple and Casual Dining Rooms Designs

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Dining Room

Casual dining rooms designs should be in formal air. The home owners will love to stay for hours inside the dining room if the room is simple, easy and casual. There is no need to decorate the dining room with heavy pattern and design.

You can keep it fine and decent with simple remodeling project. The casual dining room usually is created for the daily activities. There is no need to use this space for the formal occasion.

You can change the dining room design easily by using simple color, relaxed furniture and decorative accessories. Ensure that you do not bring the formal air in the room through many dark colors in the room. The semi casual dining room should not be disturbed with a lot of furniture pieces. Casual dining rooms designs should carry the open feeling design. You can equip the room with a lot of windows. They can be decorated with thin fabrics made from chiffon or flannel. Avoid the silk, sateen, or even damask fabric since the materials present the formal design in the room.

The wall in the casual dining room should be fresh from any decorative accent. It is better for you to eliminate the crown molding, trimming line and chair railing. Keep it simple. If you want to make it vibrant, you can install wallpaper border. You can pick the image of the wallpaper based on the theme of the dining room. For example, you can decorate the wall with cherry, deer, pumpkin, sun flower, or even apple wallpaper image.

When it comes about the color, you can go with bright tones such as sunny yellow, lime green, avocado green, off white or azure blue. You can combine one of those bright colors in casual dining rooms designs with neutral shades of beige, white or cream.

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