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Simple and Modern Fireplace Design

Tuesday, August 27th 2013. | Interior Design

Modern fireplace design can carry the sophisticated look at home. When picking the right fireplace, you need to note on the style of your house. Some people tend to pick the modern one, while others choose the traditional or classic one.

The modern style is popular because it is equipped with high quality technology. This is the current trend that people like to perceive in the house. A fireplace usually is located inside the living room. It sometimes serves as the focal point. The design should be unique and nice to bring interest in the living room.

The fireplace in modern style is safer compared to the old and traditional fireplace. You can use natural gas or even gel logs to make the entire space warm and cozy. There is no need for you to clean the fireplace after you bring it. The style of modern fireplace design is sleek, current and elegant. You can see the details on the surface and edge. You will never find any intricate and ornate pattern because modern style avoids the busy effect at home. There is no need to decorate it with a lot of fixtures and accessories. You can make it look simple with minimalist pattern and clean surface.

The people living in a small house, condo, apartment of room can use a modern fireplace because it can be space saving solution. You can keep the body warm without presenting any cluttered look in the space. The size of modern fireplace is different with the traditional one. The traditional and classic fireplace usually comes in big and bulky size. You need to sacrifice the space in the living room. It tends to carry smaller effect at home.

Most modern fireplaces are sold in simple and small design. The modern fireplace design can be mounted on the wall or made in portable design.

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