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Simple and Neutral Living Room Colors

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Living Room

Neutral living room colors are good to define any kinds of interior design. You can use this color on the modern, traditional or edgy design. You can make the room adorable with simple house.

Even though the neutral hue is simple and plain, it is a great color for those who want to make their living room decoration flexible. It will create busy effect if your living room is not decorated with neutral hues. You can pair the wall in neutral hues with bold colored wall hanging.

Imagine the busy effect when you have the wall and accessories in bold shades. You can deport the tranquil upshot in the living room. One of the popular neutral living room colors that you can have at home is brown color. This color can represent many kinds of characters. You can make the living room appeal natural, contemporary, masculine, feminine and stylish. The people who love to enjoy a natural look can dominate the living room with wooden tone. You can have a brown leather sofa located in the middle of the room. It can be made with wooden framework.

You can have the floor rug in black tone to create contrasting feeling. What about the color of the wall? You can keep it simple, yet warm with marigold orange. This style makes your living room cozy and warm. Those who love to enjoy masculine design in the living room can have brown as the color of the wall. The sofa, upholstery and chairs can be finished in gray color. You have to avoid painting the wall with feminine tones like pink or lavender. You can make it fun with mint green, yellow or pale blue. The colors are gender neutral which can be found in many kinds of decoration. They can be coupled with neutral living room colors.

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