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Simple Feminine House without Using Pink

Friday, September 27th 2013. | House Design, Interior Design

Many people think that simple feminine house design should come in pink. Actually you can make a house look feminine without using any pink shades. If you live with your spouse, it will be uncomfortable for the husband to live in a pink house.

It is too feminine and makes them less masculine. Bring the feminine effect without using pink in the room. Pick the right color to set on the painted wall. You can make the house as a relaxing space by using the dusky white color. White is a neutral color which can increase the feminine and elegant style at home. You can add a hint of light blue, green and cream on the wall.

Don’t use any bold or dark colors since they can banish the feminine style at home. If you want to create vibrant style on the wall, you can go with various types of wallpaper. It can make simple feminine house wonderful and beautiful. You can pick the pattern in gingham, damask, toilet, fleur de list, or Chinese esque. If you do not like with the fabricant wallpaper sold in various stores, you can make the wall decoration creative by using stencil. It can create interesting images on the wall. You can have a pleasant border with floral pattern from stencil.

If you live in a busy environment, you want to increase the privacy in the house. Use blind or curtain to cover the house at night keep the world outside your house by using paler color for curtain. It can be in complicated pattern if your wall is made in plain design or vice versa. Even though your maintain privacy, pick the curtain which will never block the sunlight. It will make your home gloomy and dark. You can decorate the simple feminine house with easy lacy curtain in cream, honey yellow or beige.

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