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Simple Feng Shui Living Room Layout

Monday, May 20th 2013. | Living Room

Feng shui living room layout can make your house less stressful to view. You can bring a simple decoration in the room by using easy furniture arrangement. You can make the guests coming to your house more comfortable to settle here.

You can enjoy a festive celebration in the space without making the living room look messy and cluttered. This time, you need to avoid any L shaped arrangement. You can arrange the loveseat to face the sofa.

The focal point in the feng shui living room layout does not lay on the fireplace or even TV. You can use the furniture pieces as the focal point at home. When talking about colors, you can bring Chinese mood here. You can add a hint of red and gold to make the room adorable and nice to view.  Both do not have to use as the main shade in the room.  Use red and gold as the supporting shades for your toss pillows, curtain or area rug. Gold and red are a good combination if both come in the right tone. You just need to ensure that the conflict between both colors will never occur since it can carry frustrating effect in the living room.

A cheerful picture is great to use in the living room. You can a picture of a waterfall, ocean, beautiful lake and dessert.  If you want to increase the positive energy in the living room, you can add a bright chandelier on the ceiling. When you want to enjoy a playful feeling, you can use a moving object in the room. If you want to choose the primary colors in the living room, you can choose brown, tan, beige, olive green or cream. All of them express the natural feeling in feng shui living room layout.

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